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Hibi Journal 1.2: A rich update

A rich text editor, more export options, and new icons, accessible in three new languages.

Hibi Journal 1.2: A rich update

Hibi Journal 1.2 is now available with great features in French, Japanese and Portuguese. A rich text editor to style your text entries, a variety of export options, and new icons.

Rich text formatting with markdown

You can now make your text entries more alive. Apply a wide range of styles with just a tap. Add headers, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, highlight, quotes, bullet and numbered lists, and checklists.

You can also manually type using Markdown and the text will convert to Rich Text automatically. For example, type --- and a line separator will appear. Markdown shortcuts make it easy to format the text while typing.

# Title
## Heading
### Subheading


*, -, + Bullet List
1. Ordered List

> Quote

--- Line Separator
Markdown Syntax

Import & Export

Besides being able to export all your journals and their entries, you can now apply filters. The journals to be exported, the date range of the entries, whether or not to include media (images, audio), and the export format - for now only in JSON.

Currently, it is only possible to import the data from Hibi Journal as JSON. It will be possible to import data from other apps in the near future.

Hibi Journal Import Export Settings
Journals > Settings > Import/Export

App icons

As you may have already seen, Hibi Journal icon has a new design and we hope you love it! But we didn't stop there. If you go to Journals > Settings > App icon, you can choose the one that will fit the best in your home screen. There are six so far and others will come later.

Six new Hibi Journal icons
Six new Hibi Journal icons

Coming next

Next update will bring Reminders and Widgets.