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Hibi Cloud: alpha release

With this first release of Hibi Cloud access Hibi from the web.

Hibi Cloud: alpha release

We're pleased to announce the first release of Hibi Cloud. You can now access your journals from Hibi Journal on the web. That doesn't mean anyone can see it, only you.

Because all your data is saved on your own iCloud, to log in to Hibi Cloud, you need to sign in with Apple ID. All your journals and entries stay on your browser, everything stays local, nothing is sent anywhere.

For now, you can read, look and hear your entries but they are not editable. The edition and creation of entries from the web will be a feature added later.

  • Hibi Cloud is a static page built with SvelteKit
  • To avoid downloading the not so raw images from CloudKit multiple times, we use Rust, WebAssembly, and MozJPEG to compresses and optimizes the images clientside and store them as base64-encoded binary data
  • The data is stored in IndexedDB with the help of Dexie